Steel Machine Knives
for a high variety of applications

About Us

As one of the top mechanical blades manufacturers in China, Maanshan Huhai Mechanical Blades provides a wide range of mechanical blades and knives designed for an array of usage requirements.
First established in 1997, applications of our products are found primarily in farming machinery, woodworking machinery, industrial shredders and more. We apply SKD-11 steel material to each of our farming machinery blades and knives in order to extend the service life and guarantee an accurate performance. Main features of the woodworking machinery blades and knives (such as the automatic edge banding machine blade knives) include a spiral cutting surface and disintegrated blades. The industrial shredder blade knives are known for their high intensity and wide applicability range. We also offer tooling services for the blades and knives in order to produce them according to blueprints or samples provided by our customers. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you. Details

Farm machinery industry
● STORTI TMR Feed Mixer, Italy
● KUHN TMR Feed Mixer, France
● Gelo TMR Feed Mixer, Canada
● Kirby TMR Feed Mixer, USA
● TATOMA TMR Feed Mixer, Spain
● PEECON TMR Feed Mixer Knives
● Spray TMR Feed Mixe, Italy
● SILOKING TMR Feed Mixer, Germany
● CRONIMET Round Hay Baler

Woodworking machinery industry
● HOMAG Edge Banding Machine, Germany
● Nanxing Automatic Edge Banding Machinery
● Shengxingli 4-side Planer, Jinhua City

Maanshan Huhai Mechanical Blades

Add.: Yongxing Road, Bowang Town, Bowang District, Maanshan City, Anhui Province, China
Contact: Yuanyuan Gao
Tel.: +86-18755500222
Fax: +86-555-6065668

  • Steel Raw Materials

    Combining customers' demand with our experience in manufacturing, we are confident to yield satisfactory products.

  • Blade Knife Production Process

    Our factory has manufacturing experience of over 20 years, and possesses a in-depth understanding of material selecting and working context of blade industry.

  • Blade Knife Test

    1. Appearance and dimensions verification
    2. Hardness examination
    3. Non-destructive tesing