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Blade Knife Production Process

Our factory has manufacturing experience of over 20 years, and possesses a in-depth understanding of material selecting and working context of blade industry. Currently there are 8 CNC processing centers, 1 4000W laser cutter, 1 2000W laser cutter in our factory. Besides we have over 40 regular domestic devices and more than 80 workers, with over 20 of them being senior technicians. In 2016, our factory achieves an annual product value of 15 million yuan and an annual blade capacity of over 100,000.

The manufacturing procedure is as below
1. Material Selection: choosing appropriate material according to product usage
  • Material Selection
  • Material Selection
  • Material Selection
2. Cutting: cutting material with a domestic 4000W laser cutter
  • Cutting
  • Cutting
  • 3. Tempering: lower the hardness of the material to enable easier processing

  • 4. Crack Detection: detect inner fracture or defect of metal material or components

    Crack Detection
  • 5. Rough Machining: rough milling, grinding, turning and drilling

    Rough Machining
  • 6. Heat Treatment: enhance hardness and intensity of the material to achieve longer service life

    Heat Treatment

7.Tempering: enhance stability of workpiece's structure to fix its geometric dimensions; relieve internal stresses to improve the performance of workpiece; tune the mechanical property of the steel to satisfy demands derived from usage

  • 8. Hardness Examination

    Hardness Examination
  • 9. Rough Milling

    Rough Milling


  • 11. Finish Grinding

    Finish Grinding
  • 12. Examining


13.Packing and Stocking

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