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Woodworking Machine Blade Knives

    1. Automatic Edge Banding Machine Blade KnivesWe apply spiral cutting surface and high precision design in our automatic edge banding machine blade knives. Such structure and design enhance heat radiation and structural intensity of our products.
    1. Semi-Automatic Edge Banding Machine Blade KnivesThe semi-automatic edge banding machine blade knives are manufactured with aluminum alloy conductors, featuring a two to three times service life as that of regular blades.
    1. Wood Dowel Machine Blade KnivesWood dowel machine blade knives attach blades onto the cutting body in a non-wielding manner. Such method secures the original hardness of the blades and significantly enhances service life of the product. When some blades become blunt, they can be easily disassembled by any machine operator, saving much time.
    1. Wood Chipper Blade KnivesWood chipper blade knives produce tiny wood dust during service, which can be effortlessly separated from wood pieces through a central vacuum system.
    1. Wood Planer Blade KnivesWood Planer Blade Knives adopt a high precision designing and developing technique to distribute blades reasonably around the cutting body, forming a relatively small cutting surface at any moment. Such design reduces burning marks and burrs during service.