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Wood Chipper Blade Knives

  • Wood Chipper Blade Knives
  • Wood Chipper Blade Knives

The wood chipper blade knives are manufactured with branded, highly-grained cemented carbide, which secures the intensity, endurance and toughness of the blade knives. Our products must go through over 10 processing procedures, multiple examinations and a thorough manual check before leaving the factory, thus ensuring supreme precision level and avoiding fracturing during service.

9CrSi alloy steel; 65Mn spring steel; Cr12 cold work tool steel; LD high toughness cold work tool steel; SKD-11 cold die steel

2-side planer, 4-side planer, wood shaper machine and copying machine in woodworking.

  • Wood Chipper Blade Knives

Timbers Supported
Solid wood, plywood, melamine faced chipboard(M.F.C), acrylic

1. Spiral cutting surface: the wood chipper blade knives adopt high precision designing and developing techniques to place disintegrated blades reasonably around the cutter body, forming a relative small cutting surface at any moment. Such design constrains burning marks and burrs during service.

2. Quick heat radiation: some cutting bodies of our blade knives are made from 7xxx series aerospace-utilized aluminum alloys. By using the material, the cutting bodies receive higher heat radiation speed and structural intensity, whereas enhance the product's stability and extend its service life.

3. Disintegrated blades: we assemble the blades onto the cutting body without wielding. Such method keeps the original hardness of the blades and enhances significantly the service life of the blade knives. When some of the blades are blunted, they can be disassembled by users; such operations are simple and time saving.

4. Long service life: the wood chipper blade knives feature two to three times as long a service life as that of regular blades; the ratio further increases to three to four times when used by a 2-side or 4-side planer.

5. Tiny wood dust: our product produces tiny wood dust thanks to the spiral cutting method it applies. Those wood dust can be effortlessly separated from the wood pieces through a central vacuum system.

6. Mild noise: the blade knives generate 30 dB to 50 dB less noise than noise generated by regular blades at the same time on the same timber.

We also support refitting of blades and knives into any shape according to blueprint or sample provided by our clients.

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