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Industrial Four Shaft Shredder Blade Knives

  • Industrial Four Shaft Shredder Blade Knives
  • Industrial Four Shaft Shredder Blade Knives
  • Industrial Four Shaft Shredder Blade Knives
  • Industrial Four Shaft Shredder Blade Knives

Huhai produces all kinds of shredder blades according to customers' demands. Our products include multiple shaft shredder blades, single shaft shredder blades, double shaft shredder boxes, shredder hex shafts and spacers.

Regular specifications of multiple shaft shredder blades include type 300, type 350, type 400, type 450, type 500 and type 600, however, as different clients request different thickness, number of jaws and depth of jaws of our products, usually no standard four shaft shredder blades are stocked. We thus offer customization of shredder blades that accustom to clients' specifications. The processing period ranges from 15 to 30 days.

The shredder blades belong to one of the most significant accessories of industrial shredders, and are widely applied to shred metal, circuit boards, plastic, waste rubber, timbers and other large volume wastes. The quality of shredder blades have a direct impact on their processing period of waste materials.

According to different industrial shredder types, the shredder blades can be categorized into single shaft shredder blades and multiple shaft shredder blades such as double and quadraple shaft shredder blades.

9CrSi alloy steel; 65Mn spring steel; Cr12 cold work tool steel; LD high toughness cold work tool steel; SKD-11 cold die steel

1. How to extend the service life of shredder blades?
Approach 1. Select appropriate material with high hardness and intensity to manufacture the blades. Additional coating is preferred as it adds on to intensity as well as extends service life of the blades.

Approach 2. Refine the geometric shape of shredder blades. Under most circumstances a refined shape of blades results in significant rise in blades' service life. This approach is essentially useful when shredder blades are applied to process workpieces with high intensity.

2. What essential effect does heat treatment have on shredder blades?
Generally, shredder blades must go through professional heat treatment before coming into service. This is due to the fact that heat treatment enhances hardness of shredder blades to a satisfactory level, relieves internal stresses within the blades and eliminates the probability of blade deformation during service.

Indeed, shredder blades have various categories and are made from a whole family of different materials, but with adequate heat treatment applied, shredder blades will acquire high sharpness and wear resistance. Such traits enable shredder blades to accustom to most working conditions as well as extend their service life.

In conclusion, it is essential to exert heat treatment on woodworking shredder blades. Those blades without heat treatment tend to deform and break during service, affecting normal use.

3. How should I use shredder blades to ensure a fine service of the shredder?
1) To ensure an agreeable service, we recommend that clients select the right shredder blades. Shredder blades, in contrast with some clients' perception, cannot be applied to all materials; every blade has their own scope of application. So we suggest our clients to select appropriate shredder blades in accordance with matter to be shredded, in order to ensure a regular service of the shredder.

2) Please keep the smoothness of matter surface during use of our shredder blades. Keeping surface smooth results in satisfactory processing effect, decreased wearing and enhanced working efficiency of the shredder.

3) The characteristics of the matter must be taken into account when using our shredder blades. Our blades are made from cold work tool steel, so they are mainly applied to shred relatively soft textures. Consequently, the clients may want to avoid impurities of high hardness or intensity mixing with the matter during service; otherwise the shredder blades may suffer great damage.

4) The volume of matter fed to the shredders should be concerned when using SKD-11 shredder blades and 4-jaw blades. Generally speaking, the operator must feed matter in accordance with the capacity of the shredder, or excessive matter might damage shredder blades due to overloading.

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