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Farm Machine Knives

    1. STORTI Self-propelled Feed Mixer TMR KnivesAfter years of experimentation, we produce farming blades and knives with SKD-11 steel material, achieving service life of over 1000 hours.
    1. KUHN Feed Mixer TMR Replacement KnivesHuhai possesses over 40 manufacturing machines in our factory, capable of producing all kinds of high precision blades and knives.
    1. PEECON Feed TMR Mixer KnivesHuhai processes blades and knifes whose length ranges from 12mm to 5000mm, width from 10mm to 1000mm, thickness from 0.2mm to 500mm.
    1. CLAAS Round Hay Baler KnivesWe can enhance clients' production efficiency through complete planning. We bring out solutions to specific problems and solve them through multiple approaches.
    1. KUHN Farm Mower Blade KnivesHuhai is dedicated to manufacturing various blades and knives. We support customization of blades and knives for our clients with appropriate steel raw material.